Go Big Or Go Home!

Bailey's Arrival

For years, my husband and I have longed for a giant Newfoundland dog to call our own.  Our dream came true exactly 2 weeks ago.  Our family of four picked up a 9 week old Newfoundland puppy named Caramor’s Bailey of the Big Land.  She was better than anything that we had imagined from her weekly photos posted by her breeder.  After a 1500 kilometre journey back to Labrador from eastern Ontario, our newest family member definitely exemplifies “BIG”.  What better place is there than living in the Big Land (a term commonly used here to convey the vastness of Labrador, Canada) to realize our dream where the slogan of our mining town is “Go Big or Go Home”.

Life with our “giant” puppy is interesting.  She is a breath of fresh air but not in the literal sense.  New smells have permeated our household – like that new puppy scent.  More frequently, are those odors that linger from the oopses when we missed her signals to go outside for a bathroom break.  And, for those of you wondering, we did buy the special enzyme spray to treat these areas and it worked.  Thankfully, Bailey has been persistent with training us to be more observant and take note when she is sitting patiently by the front door.  Four days with no accidents is something to celebrate!

We had hints that our sweetness, as Bailey is referred to, enjoyed snow and ice on the trip home.  I guess the lying out on ice patches and licking snow were the more obvious ones.  Since arriving home, Bailey has explored the 7 foot snow banks in our yard where she prefers to do her business.  Unfortunately, Bailey’s large paws and webbed toes allow her to climb where we can not follow without filling our boots with snow.  She has great fun chasing snowballs.  The look on her face when she pounces on them only to have them disintegrate is priceless.  From playing in this snowy playground, the wet dog smell is a frequent one in the house.  But, like freshly baked cookies, it puts a smile on our faces as we are reminded of the fun outside with our sweet girl, Bailey.

Bailey in snowbank

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