The Flying Sprinkler

Friend or foeMay 12th, 2015

As a new puppy owner, one can only imagine what the first meeting between another dog and yours will be like.  When our family was finally able to pick up Bailey from our breeder’s place, we saw that she was comfortable with the other adult Newfoundland dogs on site.  So, we expected that Bailey would be receptive to other dogs. One thing about Labrador West is that the people here love their dogs.  Our street has mostly dog households.  We seemed to be the only ones without a furry critter.  As news spread of our new arrival, people would stop by to welcome Bailey and us to the club.  We explained that Bailey would be able to officially greet other dogs after her last set of shots around the 25th of May.  It meant keeping eager dogs apart from ours who did not see what all of the fuss was about.

So, I was caught off guard last week.  Bailey and I had been enjoying an afternoon in the front yard.  I raked up leaf debris and watched Bailey’s antics while taking the occasional sip of coffee.  Bailey was attached to her long lead.  She chased stray leaves blown by the wind, pulled blades of grass up like a goat, licked the remaining snow patches and sunned herself on a cool spring day.  Our peace was soon to be disturbed.  Seeing no one in sight, I decided to take my coffee cup into the garage and place it safely on the work bench.  I had barely reached the bench when I heard a cry from Bailey.  My mother instinct kicked into overdrive as I dashed for the garage door.  At the same time, Bailey came hurtling through it like a freight train.  As I reached down to reassure her,  Bailey jumped into my arms while spraying me with a stream of urine.  It was too late to do anything.  I carried her outside to see what had happened.  What I found was a couple (and their 7 month old husky) apologizing profusely for scaring her.  After placing Bailey down in front of me, I realized the true condition of my pants.  With urine running down my legs, I carried on as if nothing had happened.  I learned that Bailey, upon being approached by a very enthusiastic husky and two strange people, decided that a full retreat was in order.  However, once I arrived, Bailey was only too happy to greet the visitors.  Bailey did not seem scarred by the experience.  However, I have not forgotten the embarrassment of meeting new people in such a state.

P.S.  At 15 weeks, Bailey is now 18.8 kg or 41 pounds 7 ounces.

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