Newf Perspective

No swimBailey and I awoke to a Tuesday that was wet and cloudy.  It did not look like an afternoon hike around Jean Lake followed by a swim would happen.  Although we did manage to squeeze a 45 minute walk in without so much as a sprinkle, it was the only one.  Rain rain go awayThe poor weather seemed to sap our desire to actively play.  What does one do on such a day in the afternoon?  I decided to take a page from Bailey’s book on how to spend that time – Take a moment or a couple of hours to relax.  Bailey is really good at getting some extra shut-eye.  Catching Zzzs!I thought of that saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie” as I grabbed a book and lay out on the couch with Bailey alongside.  After a couple of pages, I joined Bailey in the world of peaceful sleep.  The sound of the bread machine starting jarred me from my bliss awhile later.  I moved onto the carpet and lay down beside Bailey.  She happily exposed her belly to me and stretched out her front legs.  I caught the hint.  Sometimes I can be slow to understand but not about belly rub.  She was very appreciative about my efforts.  I was treated to her grunts and nose nuzzles.  I kept rubbing until I heard long drawn out snores.  Slowly, I began to move away in the hope of reaching the coffeemaker for another cup of java without waking her.  Bailey foiled More Zzzsthat plan as she sensed an opportunity to mooch a tidbit of food.  She trailed behind me, dripping drool across the flooring.  Once fed (yes, I was weak), Bailey spread out on the tiled flooring.  Our informal way of measuring her is to count the number of tiles that she occupies.  She takes up almost 8 tiles – four more than when she first arrived.  Our girl is growing up.

I decided to go back to the living room and lay out on the carpet.  Bailey wandered back to investigate what I was doing.  What's UpShe often gets excited when I am looking up at her rather than the other way around.  It is not something that I do frequently.  When I do, I gain a different perspective of Bailey.  I know her nose is big but, from this view, it looked even bigger.  Now that is a noseIt did not take long before her tongue was busy licking my face as Bailey started to get more into the groove of things.  Those pearly white adult teeth are massive compared to her baby ones that have been falling out.  I also noticed her gigantic paws pack a lot of weight after she accidently stepped on my stomach.  Once the drool started, I knew the time had come to call it quits.  The afternoon was not a bust.  We spent a fun time with one another despite the drizzling rain outside.  From that perspective, our day was looking up.Sleeping Partner

P.S.  At 25 weeks, Bailey is now 33.7 kg or 74 pounds 5 ounces.

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