Anticipation of the Overnight Visitors

Good luck getting past

August 11th, 2015

Tomorrow is the big day that my parents arrive from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Once a year, the two of them fly through the night crossing one side of Canada to the other.  Our country is huge.  It is a long haul for them to visit us.  They will get to meet our sweetness, Bailey, for the first time.  Up until now, their exposure to Bailey has only been through the blog and updates shared over the phone.  Are we excited about their arrival?  Of course, the family is counting down the hours even though Bailey is oblivious to our preparations for visitors.  She will have more than her Wednesday lunch time snack to enjoy because my parents arrive at noon.  Good food and two extra people in Bailey’s eyes will be something to tail wag over and over again.  She will learn that these two people will be staying for two weeks rather than a few hours like most guests.  Some adjustments will have to be made by all parties.

I confess that these changes make me a bit nervous.  The master bedroom will be out-of-bounds to Bailey unless the new residents want her there.  Somehow, the drool and tongue licking may be sufficient for two seniors to remember to keep the bedroom door closed.  We will be moving downstairs to sleep where Bailey has shown little interest in going.  I suspect it is the 13 stairs that deter her.  My husband will have to wait until breakfast for his morning greet from Bailey.  Normally, Bailey and I play fetch the stuffie or pull the chewie between 6 and 7 am.  I can see that these games will have to be moved into the garage as well as the morning feed.  You see, Bailey and I are noisy even through we try hard not be loud.  Between the coffee machine percolating, fridge door opening and closing, microwave beeping and Bailey thundering across the hardwood floor to her food dish (taking the longest route possible – through the living room, around the dining room table and finally, into the kitchen), we fail miserably at being quiet.  And for the record, emptying a full dishwasher is impossible to do without dropping a fork or two.  My husband usually resorts to covering his head with a pillow.  With a teenage son and the other one soon to be one, they are more or less comatose at this early hour.  Our noise does not even register with them.  Our guests may not be so forgiving.

Lookout for visitorsMy parents need their sleep so Bailey and I will just have to move on.  Bailey will probably adapt more easily than me – playtime can happen anywhere in her book.  After all, I am the one who sits on the nice soft sofa while guzzling from my coffee mug.  The lawn chair in the garage just does not offer the same cozy comfort.  Perhaps, I should just think of it as a two week camp out complete with black flies.  The important thing is that our tired travellers regain their energy to keep up with an active Newfoundland puppy.  On Bailey’s behalf, she will have two more people to charm and convince that extra treats and rubs are necessary for optimum health.  Stay tune for more details of our visitor saga.

P.S.  At 28 weeks, Bailey is now 36.3 kg or 80 pounds 4 ounces.

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