The Meet & Greet

August 18th, 2015

My parents arrived after flying through the night from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Such a journey like this one is tiring for anyone regardless of age.  We decided to leave Bailey at home in her garage kennel.  She was not  pleased about being left behind.  After all, the airport is Bailey’s meet and greet place when I pick up and drop off my husband every week.  I felt slightly guilty as she was told not this time.   A tongue licking, drooling, highly excited Newfoundland puppy would probably be overwhelming for our exhausted guests.  I think they were disappointed that she did not come with us.  When we returned with our special guests, they were escorted inside along with numerous luggage pieces.  This couple does not travel lite as they seem to be prepared for any type of weather or occasion that might come their way.  They were told to bypass Bailey on their way into the house.  She needed to go out first for a business break.  Highly excitable situations where Bailey is concerned usually mean floor clean-up.  Something to be avoided if possible.  I did notice my dad sneak a quick pet as he commiserated with Bailey about being imprisoned.  I could tell that Bailey was warming up to him really well.

Once the suitcases were put away and hugs were given out, it was Bailey’s turn.  We decided that my parents should be sitting down.  Bailey, in her excitement, will sometimes side swipe you.  I learnt this lesson the hard way.  Well, she entered the house quickly and barely tolerated the 30 second foot wipe.  She knew that there were people inside who were not her people.  They smelt different.  What did Bailey do?  My dad was sitting on the living room loveseat and she cantered to his side – tail moving from side to side with great force.  As he reached out his hand, Bailey stuck that big long tongue of hers out and began licking him and his clothes.  Slobber and drool soon followed but, my dad handled it well.  He rubbed her behind the ears which made him, in Bailey’s eyes, her new best friend.

Unfortunately, my mom did not grow up on a farm like my dad – city born and raised.  She is not really a “dog person”.  Why is it that cats and dogs are guaranteed to be attracted to this kind of person.  When my mom entered the living room on her way to get seated, Bailey was waiting in her metal kennel.  My mom was not expecting her to be there.  Bailey looks much bigger in real life than in photos on a blog.  I do not think the shriek followed by a bear reference started things off on the best foot.  Bailey became even more excited than she had been with my dad.  On top of it all, my mom had been pushed down by an aggressive German Sheppard while walking down the street two weeks prior to this visit.  She had injured her knee and was now forced to use a cane.  It was still very bruised and swollen.  Hence, we suggested she lie down on the sofa with her good knee on the outside to protect Bailey from knocking her tender knee.  Mom was nervous as was I.  Bailey came over and tried to put her big paws up.  She was trying to be mannerly and most people like that trick.  I was thinking that shake a paw was probably not a good trick to teach her at this point.  Then, the tongue came out.  Before I could intervene, Bailey’s tongue had made its way from my mum’s face to her hair.  My mom was not too thrilled with a drooling Newfoundland puppy rummaging through her hair.  We had to put a stop to that really fast.  My mom certainly got an up close  and personal  moment with our sweetness, Bailey.  Funny thing though, she keeps asking if Bailey can come in.  Truthfully, who can resist the charm of a overly friendly Newfoundland puppy?

P.S.  At 29 weeks, Bailey is now 37.7 kg or 83 pounds 2 ounces.

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