A Senior Moment

August 25th, 2015

Bailey with new pack membersIt is hard to believe that 2 weeks has gone by since my parents arrived from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  At the start of their visit, we were wondering how Bailey would react to having two seniors in the house for 24 hours a day.  She was delighted.  There were four more hands to rub her (and she took full advantage of it).  Bailey made sure that they were properly greeted with much tail wagging and slobbery kisses.  As the first week progressed, Bailey became calmer.  This outcome was a good thing.  Everyone was starting to relax.  My dad discovered that Bailey could not resist coming to him if he woofed like a dog.  My dad woofed a lot during the visit.  When she came to him, he would give strong rubs around her ears, under the chin and on top of her head.  There was nothing delicate about these rubs.  Bailey was in Newfie Heaven!  I could see that rubbing Bailey was having a positive effect on father.  He smiled more.  My mom, who is not overly fond of dogs – especially giant sized ones, joined in the fun of throwing Bailey’s stuffie (now, a stuffed bear).  I learned that my parents really need to practice their throwing skills.  Still, Bailey retrieved her stuffie over and over again even as the weather became warmer.  She just slowed down her waddle to a very slow one.

As the temperature climbed here, Bailey preferred the coolness of our garage.  Soon Grandpa and Cameron were joining her there.  Chairs were set up around a coffee table.  They played numerous cribbage games while Bailey milled around them for awhile before plunking herself down on the cool cement floor for a few Zzzs.  I suspect that she mooched their snacks with great success.  My husband’s man cave had been transformed into a senior recreation centre – card games, snacks and naps.  In the evening, my dad would keep me company as I groomed Bailey.  He shared his family history with me.  We talked while Bailey lay on her towel.  I think that he was surprised that now, owners brush their dogs’ teeth.  Dad could see that Bailey really liked this part – beef flavour toothpaste is her favourite.  Yes, I freely admit that I tasted it.  I decided to stick with my old mint flavoured toothpaste and let Bailey have hers.  My dad took a few photos to show the folks back home what grooming our girl entails.

Bailey and I were still on our own for morning walks.  For some reason (known only to my boys and their grandparents), sleeping later was preferred to heading outside at 6:30 am for a stroll with Bailey and the black fly squadrons.  However, the afternoon and evening walks were different stories.  Sometimes, one of my sons would come as would one of my parents.  Other times, Bailey and I would be joined by both parents.  Bailey was just content.  She was out with her pack.   Every few feet, Bailey would check to see if they were keeping up.  If not, she would plant her rump down in a sitting position and refuse to budge until they caught up.  Bailey’s sensitivity to their mobility issues made me realize that I needed to be more patient and compassionate.  Bailey was my wake up call.

One last rubTomorrow, we say goodbye to them.  Bailey will greet them as she has for the last two weeks with a wag and lick.  More photos will be taken before we leave to the airport.  Both they and Bailey have made an impression on one another.  It has been a good one.

P.S.  At 30 weeks, Bailey now weighs 38.3 kg or 84 pounds 7 ounces.  Bailey is officially 7 months old.

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