Playing Hooky

September 15th, 2015

Several people have asked, “Where’s last week’s blog? It’s still in my head.  You see, I was playing hooky on Tuesday.  It was the last day of the summer holidays before the new school year started.  I awoke with a To do List that seemed to be endless.  But, I crawled out of bed resigned to get working on these tasks. Bailey Bailey convinced me otherwise.  When I took her outside for the first business break of the morning, the sun was shining and the breeze felt warm.  Bailey was giddy with excitement as she dodged from one spot to another.  I silently thought how wonderful it would be to spend the day outside with her and the boys.  The last few days had been rainy and cool.  Then, I reminded myself of everything that needed to be done – darn that list.  Another glance at Bailey and her carefree manner made me wish for a day off.  Why not?  So, Bailey and her pack, as we refer to ourselves, enjoyed the day to its fullest.  Digging To ChinaShe dug a huge hole at the sand pit.  My oldest son and I watched with amazement as Bailey’s massive paws sprung into action.  We took her for a swim at Jean Lake in the morning followed by an afternoon hike around Tanya Lake.  Bailey was in seventh heaven especially after gobbling wild blueberries.  We laughed and shared memories of our favourite Bailey moments.  How quickly 7 months with our Newfoundland puppy has gone by.

The To Do List will always be there.  As I glance down at the list, I see that the inside painting will have to wait for another year.  I may have time to complete the touch-ups on the outside doors before winter sets in.  The deck and stairs will also have to be built next year.  Bailey can’t do stairs anyway so it is not like we were in any hurry.  Do I regret not getting these tasks done?  Not really because the time was spent with Bailey.  Bailey Gets Her StickShe is no longer the hesitant puppy dipping her paw in the water.  Bailey just darts in to retrieve the current favourite stick.  She walks further with each passing day.  Grooming sessions are more involved as puppy fur is being replaced by her adult fur.  Our sweetness is like a tasty piece of fruit.  You can’t help yourself from going back for one more taste.  However, in Bailey’s case, it is one more belly rub.  Her puppyhood will come to an end before we know it.  Taking a day off or a summer for that matter to frolic with Bailey in the sunshine of the Big Land is worth it.

P.S.  At 33 weeks, Bailey is now 40.7 kg or 89 pounds 9 ounces.  At 32 weeks, Bailey was 39.7 kg or 87 pounds 8 ounces.

Bailey Enjoys The Mist

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