Spooks In The Dark

October 27th, 2015

Bailey’s first Halloween Night is almost here.  Our early morning and nightly walks with her have been challenging since the beginning of October.  Bailey likes familiarity on her routine walks.  At the start of the month, we came across a yard with a newly erected Jack-O-Lantern inflatable smiling back at us.  It startled her.  Bailey gave a couple of woofs while snuggling closely to my leg.  I am not sure if she was protecting me or trying to get reassurance from me.  I decided to give a gentle pat on her head.  I let her know that it was alright and to leave it.  This response of mine became the norm.  As the days went by, more inflatables began to appear much to Bailey’s dismay.  Bailey Meets Olaf & FrankieThey were multiplying at a fast rate as neighbours caught the Halloween Night spirit.  Yards that had only one or two suddenly added a few more.  Some inflatables were simple designs while others were more elaborate.  Neither the vampire springing out of a coffin nor the 7 foot ghoul was one of her favourites.  The 7 Foot GhoulOn one particular walk, the wind was blowing strong.  It caused the 7 foot ghoul to lurch forward suddenly which sent Bailey scrambling down the street with me in tow.  Fortunately, I was able to bring her to a heel without injury.  Bailey seemed confused when we came across more of these ghouls along the walking route.  In a small town, shopping selection is limited to a couple of stores so I was not surprised to see repetitive decorations.  I wondered if Bailey thought the ghoul was following her.

When she was feeling somewhat braver, I would get her to practice a stay sit in front of a benign inflatable display. Scary Cat I crouched down beside her, stroked her head and repeated what a good girl she was being.  Now, after several weeks of getting use to these lit up Halloween inflatables, Bailey tends to ignore them.  She will still woof at the bowing ghoul, egged on by the gusting wind and rustling tree leaves.  The recent arrival of snow has made everything seem less scary as Bailey loves her snow.  That was until the snowmen started to appear in the yards amongst the Halloween decorations.  Bailey is now woofing again.  With Christmas looming closer and closer, Bailey has a new group of inflatable friends to meet.  Happy Halloween on the 31st of October from Bailey!The Scary Cat Again

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