The Red Dragon Roars

November 10th, 2015

Another routine start to our morning today for Bailey and I.  That was until 6:35 am when the red dragon let out a piercing, loud roar from its cave.  We were getting ready for our first short walk of the day.  Bailey rang the bell hanging on the garage door with much enthusiasm.  Nothing works better than a piece of apple to motivate her.  I opened the door, gave the treat and sent her to wait in the garage as I began the process of dressing in numerous layers of clothing.  It was -10 degrees Celsius with a slight wind chill.  As I bent over to pull my ski pants over my long johns, I was not paying attention to what my feet were doing.  I had thrown my jacket on the rug along with my mitts, buff, wrist protectors and hat.  I felt something hard under my left foot.  I had stepped on my jacket.  More specifically, the jacket’s right pocket which holds the keys to my house and van.  These days, vehicles come with electric key fobs that allow one to open them from a distance.  A very handy feature when you are carrying several shopping bags.  Our key fob also has a “PANIC” button that can be pressed should we find ourselves in distress and needing assistance.  However,  our distress came after pressing this button.

Within a second of my foot coming in contact with the panic button, a high-pitched squeal came from the garage.  Guess where Bailey was?  It took me a few seconds to realize what I had done.  I scrambled for my jacket, cursing as I struggled to get the zipper down.  I fumbled with the key fob.  In my panic, dropped it on the floor.  As I bent over to pick it up, I received another surprise.  The garage door was not completely closed.  There was a scrambling sound followed by a loud thud – Bailey.  The door swung open and the door knob contacted perfectly with the right side of my rear.  After plunging into a snow bank two weeks ago, I had injured this area.  I had thought only 30 minutes earlier that the pain had finally gone away and medication was no longer needed.  Tonight, I am sporting a swollen, blackish-purple bruise somewhat circular in shape.

But, at that moment, I was thinking of some colourful words.  Bailey decided to vocalize her displeasure by woofing loudly at the red van (alias the red dragon).  For whatever reason, the slumbering red dragon had awoken.  She had always viewed the van as being positive.  Bailey Takes On The Red DragonAfter all, it took her to the dog park, the lakes and just yesterday, to the cross-country ski lodge.  I finally managed to press the button and stopped the screeching noise.  But, not before waking up my slumbering household and most likely the neighbours.  Bailey did not want any part of going near the van.  My mother instinct kicked in and I pushed her through the doorway of the garage.  It reminded me of pushing a reluctant child through the school’s door on the first day.  Bailey was trembling and unsuccessfully trying to dig her nails into the floor.  She had no choice but to make her way around the now slumbering dragon.  Bailey scrambled to her kennel and waited for me to appear with the leash.  She quickly followed me outside while glancing warily at the red dragon in case it released another loud roar.  We escaped its clutches to freedom.  When we returned to the cave, Bailey was over her fright from the red dragon’s roar.

P.S.  At 41 weeks, Bailey is now 46.4 kg or 102 pounds 12 ounces.

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