Hello Again, Hello

February 16th, 2016

I am finally on familiar turf.  With five flights to reach home and the recent winter storms, I was not surprised that three flights experienced problems.  The first one was due to de-icing taking longer than expected – just a little over one hour.  Thank goodness for onboard movies.  I managed to sprint through Montreal’s airport to the next gate with a bad knee in five minutes.  The leisurely meal that I had been hoping for since skipping breakfast in Saskatoon did not happen.  The next delay involved a piece of equipment being frozen to the plane scheduled to arrive in Halifax around 4:30 pm.  This flight arrived almost two hours late into Halifax.  Again, I watched a couple of movies to pass the time.  I thought about meeting Bailey.  I missed her (and the rest of the family).  Bailey TowelAs a result, I could not resist buying a Newfoundland dog towel from a vendor for the bathroom.  We boarded the next flight late because of mechanical problems – how reassuring.  I regretted watching “Flight” about a doomed airliner.  By the time that my next flight landed in Happy Valley/Goose Bay, I was not able to make my connection for the last flight home to Wabush.  I was overnighting.

Unfortunately, my husband and Bailey were unaware of my predicament.  They headed to the airport in anticipation of my arrival.  Bailey knew something was up when the van pulled into the terminal.  She bounded out and headed inside to wait at her usual spot.  The only difference this time was that my husband was waiting with her and not me.  When only two disembarked rather than the five expected passengers, Bailey was clearly disappointed.  The mothership had landed but, without the mother.  All was not lost.  Those two passengers stopped to fuss over her and she did get a van ride.  News travels fast.  I phoned home after getting settled at the hotel.  Everyone seemed relieved that I would be arriving by mid-morning.  I suspected that the cookie supply had run low and keeping the house running was not so easy.  The next day came.  Our flight left with no delays and a strong tail wind made for an early arrival.  I pictured the family waiting with my sweetness.  Funny, no one was there.  I wondered, “Had they stayed up late playing computer games and slept in?”  I called home.  I heard, “You’re early”.  I imagined the scrambling that was going on to load Bailey into the van.  It seemed like eternity before the van came roaring up.  I jumped in.  Bailey greeted me with a slobbery kiss on my cheek.  The love fest continued during the drive home, in the garage and then, in the house.  Bailey kept me in her sight for several hours.  The two of us spent the afternoon sleeping together – me on the couch and her beside it.  Every so often, I would feel her wet nose nuzzling my dangling arm.  Reunited and it felt wonderful.

P.S.  At almost 13 months, Bailey is now 50.6 kg or 111.5 pounds.


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