Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

April 5th, 2016

It is not always Bailey who can create mischief.  We were having our family pizza night which involves creating two customize pizzas from scratch.  The process of dough making can be tedious at times for our pooch.  Why not catch a few zzzs in a strategic location like the middle of the kitchen?  I suspect that she was hoping to be well-placed when the toppings began appearing.  By the time that the goodies showed up, Bailey was snoring up a storm.  Her nose did not even register that ham was being cut up.  I’m not really sure who suggested putting a piece on the top of her muzzle but I did the dirty deed.  I kept thinking as I lowered it above her nose that the slumbering Bailey would wake up and snatch the tasty morsel from my hand.  Nope!  Bailey was in a deep doggy sleep.  Bailey & The HamThe ham slice lay across her muzzle, untouched by our furry bottomless pit.  Seconds turned into minutes.  Predictably, the camera came out for a couple of shots.  After all, we had never seen Bailey so close to food and not be drooling.

I suspect that Bailey sensed something was amiss – possibly, the snickers from the family members.  She seemed disoriented at first and clueless about the ham slice on her nose.  Whose The Ham NowFinally, it clicked “food” but where.  I knew that she could smell it from the movement of her nose.  However, Bailey just could not see or sense it on her muzzle.  My hand swooped down and grabbed the ham slice from its hiding place.  Bailey was now awake and ready.  The ham was gone in seconds.  The only thing left was a very hungry Newfoundland puppy waiting for more.  The pizzas were less meaty than usual.  Next time, it might be a good idea to let sleeping dogs lie.

Is There More



  1. easyweimaraner · April 6, 2016

    you are a sensation Bailey… bet they will invite you to Oprah… a dog who sleeps with bacon on the nose… priceless LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. noofmitchell · April 6, 2016

    If we didn’t have the photos, I’m not sure anyone would believe us. Bet she won’t fall asleep again during pizza making!


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