On The Move For A Cool Place

May 3rd, 2016

A Dogs Life

Ah, the warmer temperatures have arrived – though the snow is still hanging in there!  Last year at this time, Bailey was encased in soft puppy fur.  She was not bothered by the heat until mid-summer when temperatures surpassed 20 degrees Celsius.  At the moment, Bailey is sporting a much thicker fur coat.  There is also lots of it.  She is hot.  We know because she is not in the least bit bothered by not going for a long afternoon stroll.  A quick outing to do her business and she turns around in the direction of the house to go back inside.  Bailey is direct about her wishes.  The temperature was only at 7 degrees Celsius that day.  I was still wearing a hat and mitts.  Our family has never needed air conditioning living in Canada’s north for the past 23 years.  The heat is already turned down low in the house to keep it cool for our sweetness.  How does one accommodate a 15 month old Newfoundland puppy without blowing the household budget?

Cool At LastAfter opening and closing the door to the attached garage numerous times for Bailey, it was more convenient to just leave the door open.  The black flies have not emerged yet.  So, Bailey can go back and forth independently without bringing clouds of biting flies in with her.  She is content for the moment to lie out on the cool concrete garage floor – always with her current “treasured” bone in close proximity.  The cushy rug situated nearby is mostly ignored except for the slightly mangled corner – a digression done once in the early puppyhood days.  In the mornings, Bailey begins her nap cycle in the living room on her special blankets.  They were originally meant to cover furniture.  With a couple modifications, the waterproof blankets now reside over top of our one area rug.  I had to buy two of them to provide Baily with enough coverage for her growing girth.  They have been very effective at capturing enough sand and dirt to fill a child’s sandbox as well as great quantities of drool.  Easily washed and dried overnight, these blankets were well-worth the $200 price tag.  Bailey has never shown any interest in being a “dog bed” pooch.  She saunters to the garage once the sun beams through the living room window onto her blankets.  The afternoon siesta is spent flopped out on the cement floor in the garage.

Its A Tough Life

Occasionally, she will appear, sitting patiently on the front door mat for her paw wipe before going to her blankets inside.  Paw WipeBalancing being with your people and keeping cool is exhausting work.  I have plans to relocate a lounging chair and fan to the garage.  As temperatures rise, Bailey won’t be the only one seeking refuge in the garage.

P.S.  At 15 months old, Bailey is now 50 kg or 111 pounds.



  1. easyweimaraner · May 4, 2016

    it’s great to see how the cute pup becomes a beautiful Lady :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · June 15, 2016

      I have to admit that I wasn’t sure her training was sinking in. It is most satisfying at this stage (on the cusp of adulthood) to observe her being the dog that you always hoped for. Challenging at times but well-worth the effort.


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