Moss Encounter

July 19th, 2016

Taking A RestToday, Bailey and I ventured off the beaten path in search of a more solitary trail. I was hoping to avoid other dogs because Bailey has begun her second heat cycle. It will be her last one as she is scheduled to get spayed in the very near future. Our walks would be restrictive for the next twenty-one days. The two of us followed a narrow foot path that meandered through a wooded area. It soon became apparent that it had not been travelled on for a very long time. Moss had grown over the dirt path forming a soft, springy carpet. Bailey perked up with interest. After few sniffs, she began dig at the moss. Her massive paws were definitely getting a workout. Bailey grabbed one of the loosened chunks and shook it vigorously before tossing it up into the air. Then, she bounced numerous times like a child jumping on a trampoline. Bed Of MossThat burst of energy was enough and Bailey plopped down on a patch of moss. I was amused and decided to snap a couple of photos. Our photo shoot was short-lived.  A cloud of black flies emerged from the disturbed pieces of moss. Bailey and I were quickly on our way in the hopes of outrunning our attackers. I had to agree with Bailey that the moss was made for springing on – a perfect surface for Mother Nature’s treadmill.



  1. Cathy Potter · July 20, 2016

    The Caribou moss brings back fond memories of Labrador and playing with Polly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · July 20, 2016

      Adam would trade our dismal lawn for one of moss except that Bailey would have a field day digging it up. I can just imagine Polly bounding through it – giddy with excitement.


  2. easyweimaraner · July 20, 2016

    that’s such a fabulous background for you … how bad that the flies occupied this stylish place :o(

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · July 20, 2016

      Black flies rule at this time of year and I didn’t spray us with bug spray. Two more months and Bailey can frolic freely without the nasty pests.


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