The Rainy Stroll

July 26th, 2016

Enjoying OurselvesLiving in Labrador West means that we get our fair share of rain during the summer.  Rain or shine, Bailey and I set out on our daily walks.  Today was a drizzly, cool one.  We did not pass by anyone else taking a stroll.  I noticed as we were walking that the expressions on people driving by seemed to be saying, “Look at those poor sods.”  Yes, we were soaked on the outside.  Were we miserable?  Nope!  Bailey’s coat is designed for water and I have outfitted myself in waterproof clothing.  My feet were toasty dry in waterproof hikers.  A necessary purchase after experiencing feet that felt like wet sponges last summer from wearing runners.  I wanted to tell these individuals to not feel sorry for us.  We are actually enjoying ourselves.

Rain BuddiesI grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada).  If you did not go out in the rain, you did not go out much.  Days without the drizzle would be preferred.  Who wouldn’t want to walk on a sunny day?  But, I learned that sunny days can be rare when certain weather systems move through.  On our walk, Bailey waddled through one puddle after another with much enthusiasm.  I listened to the droplets of water hitting the puddles.  The constant rhythm of it created a soothing effect.  I watched the water flow in a snake-like fashion down the sides of the street.  The vegetation drank up the moisture after enduring the heat from the previous day.  I was thankful to not have to wrestle with the hose, its reel and the dreaded sprinkler.  Mother Nature was doing that chore for me.  As Bailey moved through the tall grassed areas, her nose and fur glistened with water droplets.  She was excited and energetic about this walk.  Hot sunny days seem to sap her energy.  It takes much coaxing to convince Bailey to venture further than just doing her business.  We plodded along with Bailey wagging her tail and me smiling.  Our rainy stroll would conclude upon reaching home and drying off with a towel rub.  I could look forward to relaxing under a warm blanket on the couch with a steaming cup of tea and book while Bailey could have a well-earned siesta at my feet.


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