November 1st, 2016

zoned-outThese last three days have been rest, rest and more rest for our sweetness, Bailey.  No playdates with puppy Cas.  No walks.  No games with “Stuffie”.  Simply put, she was to move as little as possible.  Why?  Bailey had a very active Saturday.  The two of us took an extended early morning walk in the freshly fallen snow.  It was peaceful and quiet.  We returned home to start the day.  Bailey happily slept while I made zucchini loaves.  The snowy outdoors called to us again.  After lunch, we joined Cas and his owner for a hike on the nature trail across from our house.  Only a portion of the trail had been packed down by snowmobiles.  It was hard work moving down the trail for both humans and dogs.  Cas, a perfect agility candidate, sprang over the snowbanks while Bailey bulldozed through them.  The two pals chased one another in amongst the trees providing much entertainment for their humans.  The four of us were tired when we returned.  Bailey had another nap – a pick-me-up as I like to call it.  I wasn’t so lucky and headed into town to get some last minute shopping items.

A couple of hours later, my youngest son went with Bailey to the backyard for the first game of “King of the Snowhill” this winter.  It is a game that involves a considerable amount of lying down in the snow.  Bailey was keen to play the game and made some great tackles to throw Cam off his claim of the hill.  Who won?  I can’t say.  They trooped in for dinner and Bailey inhaled hers.  By 6 pm, we were off to the ball field for one last play romp with Cas.  A few times, Bailey found herself lying with her feet in the air and Cas on top.  Snow covered both of them.  They appeared to be having a wonderful time.   Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  We said our good byes and headed home for the nightly grooming session.  Bailey snored and stretched through the entire process.  She moved to her special blanket afterwards and spent the remainder of the evening sleeping.  It was not until bedtime that we noticed Bailey favouring her front right leg.  After we checked her over and found nothing apparently wrong, she limped outside to do her business.  We settled her as comfortable as possible in the garage kennel.  After a Saturday of frolicking in the powdery snow, we hoped that her leg was achy from having been so active.  I did not sleep very well unlike Bailey.

The morning came and the limp remained.  It did lessen as the day progressed which we took as a encouraging sign.  Still, Bailey was restricted in her movements.  We helped her get up and lifted her down the two stairs to get outside.  By Monday, Bailey was getting a little bored with the napping and tried to get a throwing game going with “Stuffie”.  “Stuffie” was removed from circulation and only appeared at naptime.  Bailey also showed more interest in going for walks.  After finishing her business, she seemed puzzled that we were heading back home.  Bailey would give a slight pull on her leash to let us know that she wanted to keep going rather than turn around towards the house.  Orders were orders and back we went.  A call to the vet reinforced the idea of rest.  We agreed to bring her in if the limping did not improve by Wednesday.  Today is Tuesday and Bailey shows no sign of a limp.  She whipped past me without any hesitation to get to her food dish at the start of the day.  I guess bobbing for pear chunks in her water bowl does not seem so boring after all.  I am hopeful that by Friday, we can resume our daily walks.  We’ll just have to make sure that Bailey doesn’t overdo it.  Until then, Bailey can only rest and soak up lots of rubs.



  1. easyweimaraner · November 2, 2016

    I hope the limping is history and you can enjoy long walks together :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · November 2, 2016

      Getting out is such a big part of our day that it just feels weird to be inside this much. The outside conditions are perfect for walking to make things worse. Better to be cautious and wait as opposed to getting huge vet bill from exercising too soon. Thanks for caring.

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