The Fetish

November 15th, 2016

You kind of think sleazy with a title like that one.  An almost 22 month old Newfoundland puppy with a head fetish is anything but, sleazy.  Slobbery comes to mind.  Bailey has a “thing” for closely shorn heads or, in my husband’s case, a diminishing supply of hair as the years have gone by.  Several months ago, my husband discovered her uncontrollable lust.  He was bending over to tie up his boot when Bailey sauntered by.  What possessed her to take that first lick, we will never know. She became more excited with each lick until his entire head had been covered with gooey drool.  Bailey was in ecstasy and showed no signs of stopping.  My husband managed to finally extricate himself from Bailey’s slobbery intentions.  We shared our thoughts on the matter and enjoyed a few laughs.  On occasion, my husband will indulge Bailey and her fetish.


Which brings me to today’s special moment.  My husband brought home a fistful of pens that he had accumulated and was willing to donate to the family pen collection.  A super magnet keeps the family pen holder stuck to the fridge.  For some reason, I always find the holder depleted of any working pens.  My sons shrug their shoulders and claim they do not know where the pens go.  The pen borrowing fairy works overtime in our house.  I was grateful for the pens and promptly placed them in the holder.   I had barely turned my back when the magnet, holder and pens crashed to the floor.  Super magnets like Superman have their limitations.  I crouched down and gathered up the pens and holder.  Where was that super magnet?  I searched the kitchen floor and the dining area.  No luck.  I looked under the fridge and only to find large quantities of Bailey’s fur bunnies.  Note to self, vacuum under fridge.  I began to think about Bailey finding the magnet and gobbling it up as if it were a tasty treat.  What to do?

Enter the helpful husband….  After hearing my predicament, he too searched the floor, under the garbage can and table.  I watched as he lay out flat on the floor in front of the fridge.  He carefully scanned under it (knowing not to mention the furry state of affairs under there) and probed with a long wooden handled spoon.  At this moment, Bailey must have sensed something was happening that required closer investigation.  She waddled over and discovered a treat waiting for her.  An almost hairless head was within reach and she was not going to waste this delicacy.  Her tongue was out and moving back and forth across my husband’s head.  He was pinned in by the fridge and garbage can making a fast escape impossible.  Bailey took advantage of the situation as she stepped over his back to get in a better position.  Between the wet nose nudges and slobbering tongue, my husband’s head was given a Newfie detail job.  The house was filled with much laughter.  Oh, the magnet did appear after some time – wedged between the bottom of the freezer door and the top of the fridge door.



  1. easyweimaraner · November 16, 2016

    glad the magnet is back :o) Bailey is a clever girl and used the chance LOL Easy did this once with the kitchen-guy who worked on the sink… the poor guy was shocked to death as he felt a wet tongue on his back :O)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. noofmitchell · November 16, 2016

    Hope he thought of it as an extra tip. Gives new meaning to “I got your back!”


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