Tree Naps

Catching up with the blog after too much partaking in holiday festivities!  Regular Tuesday blog posts will resume.

December 20th, 2016


Christmas is not far away and Bailey seems determine not to miss any of the festivities. She started the season imbibing on fir needle water. Bailey quickly noticed the real Christmas tree standing in a bucket of water out in the garage and claimed it as her new water bucket. I was surprised that the tree took in any water with our water guzzling sweetness around. Mind you, her breath had a nice pine needle scent to it as opposed to the usual doggy one. just-a-little-closerOnce the tree came into the house, Bailey squeezed herself underneath in search of a restful place to sleep. The red blanket situated under the tree stand to protect the hardwood floor is now covered with drool spots. I am holding off until tomorrow before putting the tree skirt down. The Christmas train will once again be set-up to circle the tree and Bailey will have to forfeit her special spot. Bailey may derail these plans in a literal sense. Although she hasn’t directly damaged the tree or the glorious collection of ornaments that hang from its branches, her wagging tail has sent an avalanche of needles down. This usually occurs after I have finished vacuuming. Bailey adds her own holiday decorating touches by transporting tree needles throughout the house where they are vigorously shaken out of her fur. Over the next two days, the main living space will be transformed with a holiday theme. No doubt, Bailey will be in the middle of it all.




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