Homemade With Love

January 17th, 2017

A new year has arrived.  And what better way to start it then by baking doggie treats for our sweetness, Bailey.  I noticed the numerous containers holding pumpkin puree accumulating in the freezer from the last two years of buying the biggest pumpkins for the boys to carve.  Our local motto of “Go Big or Go Home!” applies to pumpkins here.  I have tried to convince the boys to share one to slowdown the growing stockpile to no avail.  One can only eat so much pumpkin before becoming tired of it.  If my freezer was ever going to be defrosted, I needed to reduce the supply.

say-okay-soonNow, it was time for Bailey to have her turn.  I found a dog cookie recipe on-line that only needed four ingredients – 500 ml pumpkin puree, 500g of flour, 3 tablespoons of natural peanut butter and 2 beaten eggs.  I substituted rice flour for grain flour because many Newfoundland dogs tend to do better on grain-free diets.  Why tempt trouble if you can find a workable substitute?  At the last minute, I decided to add 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley to aid in freshening our gal’s breath.  I threw the 5 items into the mixer and in a couple of minutes, the dough was ready.  A long time ago when we were waiting for a Newfoundland dog to join our family, I purchased a cookie cutter in the shape of a small bone.  It sat in the back of my baking utensil draw waiting for the day that our dream dog arrived.  She arrived.  Twenty-three months later – sometimes the best ideas take that long to become reality, the cutter was hauled out and put into service.  If I sound pleased, I was.  How many times have you bought something only to never end up using it?

yummiesThe recipe produced a lot of dough.  With a small cookie cutter, it made a gigantic batch of treats.  I stopped rolling dough when I had filled and baked four cookie sheets worth.  My wrists were starting to feel achy.  Seeing this huge amount, I progressed to making long dough strips and cutting them into ½ inch pieces for training treats.  Bake at 350 degrees F until treats become slightly cracked and no longer soft.  I think total cooking time was around 35 minutes but, it will depend upon treat size.  Bailey was standing by in the hopes of becoming a product tester.  I fed her and not one was rejected.  I ended up freezing half of the dough for another time.  Within an hour, I was finished.  I packaged up two treat jars for a friend.  The remaining treats were stored in labelled Mason jars and placed in the freezer for long-term keeping.  I guess defrosting the freezer will have to wait awhile.  Bailey loves her “new” favourite goodies made with lots of love.



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