Almost Two

January 24th, 2017


Tomorrow, our girl will officially be an adult Newfoundland dog.  She turns 2 years old and puppyhood becomes part of her past.  Although the time has gone by quickly, our lives have been filled with interesting experiences and lessons since Bailey’s arrival in the Big Land.  Just like a new baby changes your life, Bailey has certainly impacted ours.  Every family member participates in her daily schedule – the feedings, the walks, the business pick-ups, the rubs and the playtimes.  She is loved and valued.  And Bailey is well aware of it.  We don’t own her, she owns us – at least, our hearts.  Is the work of training done now that she has moved into the adult life stage?


Hell no!  Just last week, Bailey and I were hiking with a friend and her dog on the snow covered trails.  The dogs were off leash and focused on chasing one another around.  We were entering into a large open space when the dogs caught sight of two toy dogs about 150 metres away.  Cas, the other dog, ran over to them.  Bailey was near enough to us that we managed to get her on leash.  We called Cas who ignored us for a few minutes before starting back our way.  I wondered aloud, “Where’s the owner?”  Suddenly, an elderly woman appeared around the bend.  Bailey also took notice of her.  In seconds, I found myself face planted and dragged through the snow as Bailey tried to greet the newcomer.  With my friend attempting to help me up, we temporarily gained control of our Walmart greeter.  Bailey took both of us by surprise with another burst of effort and I found myself, once again, face down in the snow.  I rose up covered in snow and reined Bailey in.  drag-youNot surprisingly, I decided to cut our hike short and return home.  My pride and body wounded.  Bailey forgave me for not letting her thunder down to spread her love to a new person. The adventures will continue…..



  1. easyweimaraner · January 25, 2017

    it#s amazing how fast the time flies… I wish you a wonderful newfie-birthday with a truckload of treats :o)

    Liked by 1 person

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