Cultivating Fur

April 4th, 2017

As I am doing Bailey’s nightly groom, it occurred to me that I had become a farmer.  I engaged daily in the watering, feeding, exercising and tending to anything else that would improve my black beastie’s life.  My farming efforts were paying off.  Bailey has been producing enough fur to fill three quarters of a plastic grocery bag each night since mid-February.  Clearly, I had found my calling – the cultivation of fur.  She is still blowing her undercoat after 6 weeks.  When it first started, I wondered what kind of dog gets rid of her fur at temperatures hovering around -40 degrees Celsius.  I was putting on more layers.  But, I guess Bailey knew that the days were getting longer and the excess dense fur needed to go.  It’s like a Newfoundland dog’s take on spring cleaning.  The fur supply is endless.

I return to the task at hand, brushing out the undercoat.  I imagine better things to do with this fur than toss into a bag.  The velvety soft undercoat could be used as stuffing in a duvet comforter.  Or even better, I could knit Christmas sweaters using sheared off fur for the boys.  It gives new meaning to being made with a renewable resource.  I chuckle thinking about my sons starting a new fashion trend.  Reality sets in.  I don’t have time for such activities.  I’m a farmer which means my time is spent on raising a Newfoundland dog.  I get up at the crack of dawn to be greeted by my tail wagging girl and spend the day cultivating fur.


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