Licking Fingers

April 25th, 2017

The day started with Bailey and I switching places.  She was enjoying banana and apple slices while I stood by watching each morsel being swallowed and wishing for a taste.  How I hated the yearly blood work that requires 12 hours of fasting along with restrictions on the last meal.  You see, I had my annual physical exam on Monday.  Today required that I show up at the hospital’s lab for the drawing of blood.  When I reviewed the requirements yesterday at 4:55 pm for the fast, I discovered that dinner needed to be fat free if eaten after 5 pm.  The brown rice and vegetables were fine but, the sausages sizzling away in the oven were not.  I was really looking forward to those apple and cheese sausages.  Everything was cooked by 5:30 pm.  I ate my portion of rice and vegetables.  I tried to ignore the fragrant smell coming from the sausages quickly being devoured by my sons.  Life is so unfair!  Even though I do not make it a practice to eat in the evenings,  I found myself drawn to the kitchen only to open the fridge door, make a sigh and quickly close it. I checked the list again – no beverages after 8 pm.  Even a glass of water was not allowed.  I went to bed.

I woke up at the usual time and began the morning routine of preparing Bailey’s “bobbing treats”.  She returns from her morning outing and eagerly anticipates dunking her muzzle into her water dish to retrieve sunken banana and apple chunks.  The two of us split a banana and she gets one section of my apple.  It has been our routine since Bailey was a few months old.  The smell of the banana made me almost pop a piece into my mouth before I remembered about the fast.  I bagged my portion of the fruit to be enjoyed later after the blood work done.  Even so, Bailey had extra pieces to bob for.  I could only stand to the side with her drool cloth in hand and wait.  Her banana breath did not help me to get my mind off food as I stooped down to wipe her.  We skipped the long lake walk.  I could not imagine going out at -24 degrees Celsius in howling winds without that first cup of coffee and fruit.  Bailey was okay with the shorten stroll.  I read until it was time to make breakfast for the boys.

I had been awake for 2 hours with not a thing to eat or drink.  My willpower was beginning to wane.  The boys had requested scrambled eggs and sausages – not usual school day breakfast fare at our house.  However, there were extra sausages leftover from dinner.  My sausages…..  Like any good mother, I granted their request and cooked up the stuff.  As I began serving, one of my fingers came in contact with a sausage.  Without thinking, my tongue darted out to lick my finger.  It was tasty and I contemplated having a small piece of sausage.  My son asked, “Mom, are you supposed to be eating?”  “No, I’m not”, I mumbled.  Rats, I had been caught counter surfing.  I turned away from them and continued to lick my fingers.  I turned back around, grabbed the plates and delivered them to the boys.  Bailey sat beside me as we starred longingly at them.  In the end, Bailey was rewarded with a plate lick.  I had a taste of what Bailey must go through at meal times as she waits in the kitchen hoping for leftovers or at the very least, a lick.


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