Rustic Gal

June 6th, 2017

Bailey is a well-groomed Newfoundland dog because of her nightly brushing.  However, I admit there are times when I see photos of show groomed Newfs and wish Bailey had a more professional look.  She’s a true country girl – bushy all over with bits of stray grass and sand peeking out of her fur.  The polished image that I imagine for her is clearly a fantasy.  I have not found a local groomer who would be willing tame Bailey’s unruly mass of fur.  As a result, I am left to tackle this task myself.  Oh, I watched the videos on Youtube that demonstrate grooming techniques for Newfoundland dogs.  These people make it look so easy.  You think to yourself, I should be able to manage it.  That’s a laugh…

Trimmed EarsTake Bailey’s ear trimming for example.  I have only done it twice since she came home with us.  My first effort reminded me of the 70’s bowl haircuts.  Back in those days, most parents trimmed their kids’ hair.  Beauty salons were not places that children went for haircuts.  Most of my classmates were subjected to their parents’ clipping and snipping.  It was like a bowl was placed inverted on your head and they cut the hair hanging below the rim.  Hence, the cut was referred to as the ghastly “bowl cut”.  Nobody seemed to mind too much because all of us came to school with either lopsided bangs or shaved heads.  I seem to recall that my mom started taking me to a beauty salon after my blonde hair turned a light green colour from the chlorine in the swimming pool.  My hairstyles suddenly became a lot more flattering.

Bailey’s not so fortunate.  Last week, I could no longer ignore the scraggy hair surrounding her ears.  She was due for an overhaul.  My skill level had improved very little as I tackled trimming her ears for a second time.  The more that I tried to blend, the more choppy it became.  Bailey didn’t care.  She was happily snoozing on her side as I lifted the visible ear flap up.  I wondered what the other Newfoundland dog owners would say about her look at the South Eastern Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club’s Rally-O seminar – only 19 days away.  It would be highly unlikely that Bailey’s classmates would be sporting a similar look.  They had access to large dog groomers or their owners have the opportunity to learn from experienced Newfoundland dog owners.  I am hoping that she will standout for her ability to follow commands rather than as a living example of my poor grooming skills.  Bailey is not bothered by her new look even if I think her stylist needs to find another career.



  1. easyweimaraner · June 7, 2017

    it reminds me a little of our first (and last) try to give our foxterrier a haircut… she fortunately wasn’t sad, she enjoyed it that all people smiled at her (well they actually laughed, but laughter is a kind of smile too)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. noofmitchell · June 7, 2017

    Although I love Newfs, there are times when I feel envious of owners with short-haired breeds. Easy always looks perfectly-styled. I hope to one day to attend Newfstock in Ontario and see a demonstration on clipping Newfs. Until then, the family can chuckle at my less than stellar attempts.


  3. maisiethenewfieandcompany · June 7, 2017

    Just keep practicing, hair grows quickly! The ears and the front legs are the trickiest I think but each time I get a little better. A really good pair of thinning shears helps a lot. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · June 10, 2017

      Thanks for the encouragement. I never thought of trying thinning shears on the ears.


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