They’re Back

August 22nd, 2017

Bailey Is BigMy parents are once again venturing to Labrador West after a two year hiatus.  They will be flying through Thursday night from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Their plane touches down here on Friday evening.  They will be greeted by a reception party consisting of two grandsons, myself and a very enthusiastic Newf.  Things have changed since their last visit in August 2015.  Bailey has grown considerably from a 84 pound, 7 month old Newfoundland puppy to an adult who now weighs in at 118 pounds.  Although my parents follow Bailey’s weekly blog, seeing Bailey in person brings home the realization of what “bigger” truly means.

Bailey Is BiggerBesides the obvious growth, there is more of Bailey’s fur and drool.  Our gal just recently started to blow her coat.  Fur bunnies are multiplying at such a rate that vacuuming barely makes a difference.  Our guests will soon become familiar with using a lint roller before exiting the house for a dinner out in fancy dress.  They will quickly learn to move far away from Bailey when she rigorously shakes her head, launching ropes of Newfie goober from her jowls.  A bigger head means she has a much bigger mouth that generates great quantities of slobber.  Then, there is her napping habits.  Bailey is our moving rug who plops herself down in the most inconvenient spots.  We are forced to step over or around her.  My parents will soon realize that once Bailey takes over a space for napping, moving her is not an easy task.

If they can adapt to these changes in Bailey, my parents will experience the best of our gentle giant.  Bailey is more settled than she was at 7 months.  Regular training has made a huge difference.  She is quite willing to lie still for hours – especially, if belly rubs are being given.  Bailey has become quite adept at waiting patiently and quietly for the opportunity to lick plates.  My mom will be a little squeamish with that development.  However, Bailey is not one to give up.  She has a winning personality combined with gorgeous fur that acts as a magnet in attracting one to her.  My parents are in for a real treat by having an up close experience with one of our province’s famous mascots, the Newfoundland dog.


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