The Mellow Yellow Lick

October 17th, 2017

Tongue Licking Good

The north is often associated with the call of the wild.  In our house, it is the “Call of the Butter Wrapper”.  Bailey can be in a deep sleep, more or less dead to the world, oblivious to anything going on around her.  Bailey Sleeping DeeplySuddenly, she bolts up at the sound of the wrapper being peeled off the butter block.  No matter how quiet that I try to be, her ears are genetically-trained to hone in on this noise.  Bailey is quick to make her way to the kitchen in the hopes of licking the wrapper clean before it is no longer available.  There was a time prior to Bailey’s arrival when I saved these butter wrappers by storing them in the freezer.  They accumulated faster than I could use them to grease baking pans.  Nowadays, the stash is non-existent due to Bailey’s insistence of licking them clean.


Today was no different. I spent the latter part of the morning making pumpkin raisin muffins.  Butter was needed in the recipe.  So, out came the butter.  Bailey was sleeping belly up and barely on her blanket.  She was exhausted from her morning trail walk and romp in the snow with dog pal, Cas.  The crinkle of the wrapper awoke our butter enthusiast from her slumber.  By the time I had unwrapped it completely, Bailey was waiting with drool pooling on the floor.  I pulled down the dishwasher door and placed a towel in front of it to minimize the clean-up.  The Wrapper LickHer tongue darted out and within seconds, the wrapper was spotless.  Of course, I had the task of wiping the drool from her muzzle, ruff, and legs.  Bailey headed back to her still warm spot on the blanket and settled in for more Zzzs.Is There More

I have discovered only recently that Bailey’s mellow yellow passion extends beyond butter.  As I alluded to in the post, “Breathing Down My Neck”, Bailey was attracted to my face.  The source of her fascination was my new shea butter lip balm.  Since wearing it at the start of September, this balm has become somewhat of a challenge to keep Bailey’s tongue at arm’s length away.  The recent cold weather and snowfall has meant that I am applying the balm on my lips daily. I  am usually in close proximity to our “licky lips” newf – bending down to wipe her paws, putting on her collar and grooming her.  The opportunities to sneak a quick taste are numerous.  I have resigned myself to being slimed on some of these occasions.  I have no idea what these two butters have in common but, our gal clearly loves both of them.  I can’t help wonder if opening up a butter wrapper on the trail rather than blowing a whistle might elicit a faster response time to the “Come” command.  One of these days, I will have to put this idea to the test.



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    Nice post

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