Mona Lisa Newf

October 25th, 2017

Bailey Head Shot.jpg

It is funny how one discovers features on electronic devices.  Way back in the good old days before the internet, these items came with written manuals.  Nowadays, you are lucky to get a pamphlet explaining operational features because most manuals are found on-line.  I learn best when I see it in hardcopy rather than on a screen.  So, I never figured out how to use the special features on my digital camera.  What usually happens is that I have just taken a photo and suddenly a screen appears offering options.  I don’t have a clue as to what button was pressed.  On the viewer screen, the photo has been enhanced using techniques like fish bowl or paintbrush.  I sometimes like the effect and manage to save it, although I couldn’t tell you how.  As luck would have it, I snapped a recent photo of Bailey and the paintbrush option came up.  Bailey’s photo was transformed instantly into a watercolour portrait.  The reality is that she would never have posed long enough for me to paint her.  That’s assuming that I could paint and I can’t.  Technology offers hope to those of us who lack artistic talent.  This photo of our sweetness won’t adorn a big city gallery wall.  However, as a screen saver, she is greatly admired by her adoring fans.



  1. easyweimaraner · October 26, 2017

    Oh I wish your picture would hang in that louvre too ;o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · October 26, 2017

      Sometimes, I think our house is a northern Louvre showcasing Bailey in framed pictures. You have to be a pet owner to understand the desire to have a gallery wall devoted to cherished furry members.


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