Wasn’t That A Party

November 7th, 2017

Too Late.jpg

Our girl had her first sleepover party.  She lives in a singleton dog household.  So, it should not come as a surprise that Bailey was excited about sharing her turf with another four-legged friend.  It was a test run.  We wanted to see if her best pal, Cas, would be comfortable staying with us.  If so, he will spend 3 days and 2 nights at the end of November while his owners are away.  Both families were curious to see how the two dogs would behave while spending the night together.  Friday night came and the pals enjoyed their nightly playtime at the ball field.  They seemed a little confused when both of them returned to our house.  Since Cas was familiar with playing in our garage, we let them chase one another around.  Our friends tried to quietly sneak out with no luck. Cas was on to them.  They did finally manage to squeeze out the door without him.  Thirty minutes of active play appeared to work at tiring the two pals out.

Bailey peeked out of her kennel pen to watch me groom Cas including doing his teeth and ears.  I couldn’t believe how quick it was to groom him.  Cas is a short-haired black lab/husky cross, weighing in at just under 50 pounds.  Everyone in our family has picked Mr. Light-As-A-Feather up and marvelled that we could.  Our days of carrying Bailey ended long ago.  I think around 5 months.  Bailey is hefty and needs two people to heave her into the bathtub.  My husband pulled his shoulder on the last occasion.  Needless to say, she doesn’t get bathed inside very often.  Once he was finished, Cas scampered into the house from the garage.  He was preoccupied with the new scene and took little notice of Bailey flopping down in the entry area for her nightly spa treatment.  He scouted out the kitchen and spotted the heavenly smelling roaster before trotting back through the dining area to the living room.  A glass door separated them so Bailey could enjoy her groom without distraction.  She snored happily as I brushed out her coat.  Cas pressed his muzzle up to the one of the glass panes, eager to see his pal.  The few whines that escaped from his mouth did not register with our sleep comatose girl.  It wasn’t until she was flipped over onto the other side and facing towards him that Bailey realized Cas was in “her” house.  She jumped up quickly, a rarity, and charged to the door.  I called her back to finish grooming – another 30 minutes passed before the sleepover could get into full swing.

The SnacksBailey barrelled into the living room, ready to play and tussle.  I squashed that idea with a simple, yet sternly given command of “down Bailey’s blanket”.  She stretched out alongside the sofa.  With his playmate out of commission, Cas resigned himself to laying down in front of the loveseat.  We began watching a movie which was interesting but, Cas had other plans.  Several whines and a couple of quickly interrupted howls of misery from Cas later, Bailey gave him the “stink-eye” as if to say, “Just go to sleep.  It is way past my bedtime.”  The situation reminded me of a sleepover where there is always one child who refuses to go to sleep much to the disgust of those wanting to sleep.  He settled down for a while but, started whimpering again after half an hour.  We tried to reassure him but, Bailey, sensing her friend’s distress, moved closer to nuzzle him.  Her efforts helped greatly and he relaxed.  Sleepover PalsAround 9 o’clock, they were taken for one last business break before returning to the kennel.  Bailey was wagging her tail at being locked in with Cas.  Cas appeared shocked that he would be spending the night with his big, woolly mammoth friend.  The two friends peered out from the kennel at us, illuminated by a nightlight.  “Good night”, we said as the garage door closed.  I slept fitfully as I dreamt of what Bailey and Cas might get up to.  I need not have worried.  Do Not WorryThey were fine.  Both of them were wagging their tails in anticipation of going outside for an early morning romp.  My son and I got them ready and headed out for a walk around the block.  Once the walk was completed, I gathered his stuff up and walked him down to his house for homecoming celebration meal.  I returned without him and Bailey needed no encouragement to lie down.  She made it as far as the front entry rug before crashing. It would appear that not a lot of sleep took place at the party.


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