Winter Bliss

December 13th, 2017

Dog Bliss

The snowstorm warning was posted on Tuesday. Labrador West was expected to receive 30 cm of snow between Wednesday and Thursday morning.  On Wednesday, the students were sent home at lunch.  Bailey was thrilled with the unexpected early arrival of our eldest son.  We decided to wait out the storm by holing up in our warm home.  Bailey and I had just returned from her midday walk as the snowflakes began to fall and the wind started up.  By 4 o’clock, it was time to take our gal out.  Our unfenced yard meant that one of us must accompany her on outside excursions.  I drew the short end of the straw so to speak.  With some reluctance, I left the coziness of my fleecy blanket and the couch that I had been lying out on.  Bailey waddled over to the door once she saw I was serious about going out.  She had been snoring happily alongside the couch.  But, it was time.  Dinner hour was soon approaching and our girl needed her business trip.

I opened the garage entry door to be greeted by a howling wind and snow flurries.  Gosh, how I wanted to return to the couch.  My misery did not dampen Bailey’s reaction.  She plunged into the snow with enthusiasm.  The coolness of the snow melted against her hot paws.  Bailey was designed for the winter environment.  I was all about the business – get it done quickly and go home.  I was a real kill joy in Bailey’s eyes.  She had other ideas.  She decided that staying outside longer might be fun.  As I started for the door, Bailey seemed to be missing from my side.  The Perfect StormI turned around and found her sitting in the snow bank.  I could tell that Bailey wanted to stay.  Perhaps, I should have given in. I  called to her instead.  Bailey stayed put.  I moved towards her.  I grasped her collar and tugged her towards the door.  My boots hit a slippery patch on the walk.  Down I went, almost doing a face plant in the snow.  Rising up, my snowflake-covered girl slipped a wet tongue kiss across my cheek as if to say, “Are we having fun yet!”  Bailey was enjoying her winter bliss.


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