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January 24th, 2018

Catching Up

Bailey will be three years old tomorrow.  I keep wondering, “Has it been that long?”  I only have to look back on Big Dog in the Big Land’s 115 blog posts to get my answer.  Bailey is now fully grown.  We do not expect that her height and weight will change unless she gets fat.  With three daily hikes, our girl is not likely to lose her svelte figure.  She has become our dream Newf.  Each blog post is a reminder of her presence in our lives.  Writing about the big girl has expanded beyond the blog.

Having Bailey  allowed us to join not one but, two Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada’s regional clubs – Southeastern Ontario and Northwestern Ontario.  Through these clubs, we have met others who share a love for the breed as well as helpful advice, humorous stories and encouragement.  Every member of our family reads these two regional clubs’ seasonal newsletters – The Gentle Giant News and Newfie Tales.  Newfie News FanWe also contribute articles about what life with Bailey is like for us.  These publications are produced by two hard working newsletter editors, Marion Letts and Fay Greer.  They do a superb job of reminding members to send photo and written submissions, gathering this information and putting it into a pleasing layout format for the membership.  We appreciate their volunteer efforts to keep members connected.  Living far away in Labrador, these newsletters help us stay in touch.  The write-ups on courses given have inspired us to try introducing Bailey to new activities such as carting and Rally-O.  But, the best feature is the photos of owners spending time with their Newfs.  You can see the strong connections that this breed has with people.  Each newsletter issue that arrives in our mailbox celebrates the best that this breed has to offer.  Extra! Extra! Read All About It!



  1. easyweimaraner · January 25, 2018

    have a super birthday!!!! it is true, it was yesterday as we brought a little furball home… and within a blink of an eye they turn 3… probably a kind of magic ;O)))

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