The Nose Wipe

January 30th, 2018

At the start of the weekend, three family members were taken down by a nasty flu bug.  Activities planned had to be cancelled as we realized that this health crisis was not going to be a 24 hour thing.  I still managed to get Bailey out for her early business session followed by a longer walk around 8:30 am.  By the time that the two of us arrived back home, I was sapped of energy.  Other family members had to step up to the plate for the remainder of Bailey’s outings – I wasn’t going anywhere.  The sofa became my sacred place.  The open concept floor plan meant I could easily bark out instructions for meals for those family members who still had the desire to eat.  I only needed to wave my teacup for refills.  With a sore throat and swollen glands, I drank a lot of tea and convinced my husband that cappuccino yogurt ice cream would do wonders for my achy throat.  Bailey didn’t seem worried about exposing herself to my germs as she willingly licked my ice cream bowl.  Given the possibility of future licks, she was content to lie alongside the sofa and keep me company.

Besides a sore throat, I was plagued with the typical flu symptoms.  The most annoying was my runny nose.  I could not stop the flow despite taking cold medication.  It just kept coming. I stockpiled a clump of tissues in the pocket of my robe to deal with this unpleasantness.  I awoke from napping on the sofa and realized my nose had become a leaky faucet again.  I desperately needed a tissue or two.  I struggled to get my arm under the blanket that was tightly wrapped around me to get them.  Bailey sat up to see what I was doing.  I imagine she thought some food might be involved.  She leaned towards my face as she often does for nuzzling purposes.  I expected her cold nose to push up against my cheek.  I didn’t expect her big tongue to lick the gunk dripping out of my nose.  Did she think that I was dripping out ice cream?  I wasn’t sure if I should be thankful or grossed out by her clean-up lick.  Bailey reminded me of a mother using her spit to clean-up a child’s face.  I pulled the tissues out of my pocket although they weren’t needed urgently now.  My girl looked at me as she licked her lips and waited for her praise.  I am feeling better now and Bailey isn’t waiting at my side to administer a loving dose of nose wipes.



  1. easyweimaraner · January 31, 2018

    that reminds of my mother too… I hated that so much as I was a child…. but Phenny thinks it’s funny and I have to be fast to bring my face out of reach of his tongue LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · February 1, 2018

      If I was willing, Bailey’s tongue could save a bundle spent on buying tissues. Phenny and Bailey just want their people better.


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