In The Dark

February 6th, 2018

The family found themselves in the dark without power on Saturday night.  It was to be our family night of watching the pilot episode of Deep Space Nine, part of the Star Trek World.  Our boys had been too young to watch the series when it originally came out.  They have grown up to become Science Fiction fans like their parents.  We decided to give the entire 9 seasons in DVDs for Christmas to them.  The plan was to spend our Saturday nights as a family watching a couple of episodes.  Saturday was our first night and we were looking forward with anticipation to the experience.  A dinner of appetizers was enjoyed earlier followed by taking Bailey out for her evening walk an hour before her normal time.  We were showered and clad in fleecy sleepwear.  Bailey was groomed and lying stretched out alongside the sofa as she performed her night time job of being a rug anchor.

Everyone else was comfortably settled in their staked out areas.  The show began shortly before 7 o’clock.  We were hooked that was until 30 minutes later.  The worm hole suddenly appeared on the screen and suddenly everything went dark.  Had we been sucked into a black hole?  Nope!  It was unplanned power outage – the last one was about 2 weeks ago on another movie night.  Could the timing be any worse?  Our area was under an extreme weather warning as the temperature dropped to -47 degrees Celsius that evening.  One can’t help wondering if the power would return before the water pipes burst.  Our house is always kept at 19 degrees Celsius for our gal’s comfort.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the house to cool off.  It’s always a concern when the power goes out during extreme cold weather periods.

The four of us were stunned for a moment before my youngest son sprang into action.  He retrieved his flashlight (one of many that he owns) and then proceeded to get the Coleman lantern from the kitchen.  I wisely bought one in the fall after years of numerous power failures.  It was the third time being used.  He had it on and our living space was lit up to allow the rest of us to move safely around Bailey.  While we complained about the sad turn of events, Bailey remained unaffected.  Her evening wasn’t ruined.  She was still going to get her precious shut-eye and tummy rubs.  I think she instinctively knew that more rubs were coming with our options being rather limited.  My eldest son was soon stretched out beside her, trying to absorb a bit of her warmth as he stroked her fur.  Life was treating our sweetness pretty well.  For the next 2 hours, the power went on and off six times before everyone gave up and went to bed.  Bailey didn’t seem to mind the unusually cooler house than normal.  Power was finally restored before midnight and another family night was sabotaged as far as we were concerned.  Bailey, on the other hand, thought it was a wonderful night of pampering.


One comment

  1. Indah Susanti · February 8, 2018

    Oh gosh, that’s must be unpleasant to had electricity off during such cold winter! Glad that your family took it calmly and Bailey had more affection I guess 😉

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