Where’s My Chow?

February 27th, 2018

Bailey’s follow-up vet appointment on Monday revealed that the bacterial ear infection had now become a multiple one and her paws had not improved.  The prescribed medication still had to be administered and cleaning these areas nightly continued.  A Trimmed EarI shaved the fur on the inside of her ears and paws to allow for better ventilation.   The vet and I agreed that food allergies were the most likely causes.  As a result, Bailey needed to be put on a diet of only grain-free kibble without any type of fowl as quickly as possible.  Chicken and grain seemed to be to the culprits.  Surprisingly, Bailey’s grain-free labelled food wasn’t.  It had oat bran in it.  I felt horrible that Bailey had been battling food allergy symptoms for the past few months and I was clueless.  Thanks to information given to us by Bailey’s breeder, I learned of a possible kibble to try that other Newfs who were kin of Bailey had been put on with good success.  I remained hopeful.  The transitioning process began by reducing the old kibble and increasing the new kibble until she would be eating only the healthier food.  Total time allotted for the transition was one week.

A Very Sore Paw

Bailey was introduced to the new kibble yesterday. Her reaction was not one of being impressed. Was it the shape or size? She took a sniff and then proceeded to lie down beside her bowl.  The ironic thing is that Bailey is crazy about her wild Alaskan dried salmon strips (only 1 ingredient) and canned salmon.  Her new kibble is completely fish-based. She is a Newfoundland dog whose ancestors were fed fish. How could she not want to eat it? Eventually, she was hungry enough to try.  To my amazement, she managed to separate her old kibble from the new kibble.  She reminded me of my son who would painstakingly pick out every piece of corn from his mixed vegetables.  The older stuff was completely gone but, only a portion of the newer kibble was.  Our girl did not want to give up the fowl. Or, was she thinking foul play?

I Am Not Liking It

Like it or not, Bailey needed to adapt to her new food regimen. Our options are very limited here.  A raw diet is not practical given what we have to pay for meat at the one and only grocery store in a remote community.  In fact, our family has been eating more vegetarian meals as of late.  Last time I looked ground beef was going for $16 per kg.  No one in the family has the stomach or the passion for hunting so, wild game is not an option.  Our area only has one pet store that carries only one higher-end grain and fowl-free kibble product and it is fish-based.  If we lived closer to a bigger centre then ordering on-line with a free shipping option might provide other kibble options.  Sadly, Labrador is not a place to which free shipping applies.  I did find out that the Northwest Territories and Inuvik do qualify. I would have thought that they were as remote as us.  The thought of paying more for shipping than the actual kibble with its own hefty price is enough to drive me crazy.  The best course of action is to wait Bailey out.  Sooner or later, she will be hungry enough that it won’t matter.  If tonight’s refusal to eat her dinner is any indication, it is going to be a long week.  When Bailey saw that she was getting no plate or pot licks, it was time to sulk in the garage.  Tomorrow is another day and I can be just as stubborn as my sweetness.  Seeing her suffer with food allergies is motivation enough to make the necessary changes.


  1. easyweimaraner · March 1, 2018

    it sadly is a long way till we find out what food can avoid allergies and trouble… we send lots of potp and hugs for the ears and for good news from the food front ;O)

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  2. noofmitchell · March 1, 2018

    The hardest thing will be when we have a turkey which is more frequent these days as it is only $2.50 per pound – the cheapest meat going. No more turkey roaster licks for Bailey. If there was ever a dog who loved her roaster licks, it was her. Yes, I suspect that it is going to be a long haul. The vet said no extras besides the new kibble for 6 to 8 weeks. I am hopeful that some sign of improvement will come evident by then. Thanks for the good thoughts.


  3. The Naturarian · March 3, 2018

    That’s a bummer! My little Oreo has allergies, but just to grain. His food is salmon based. I hope Bailey is getting used to it. 😋

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  4. Indah Susanti · March 3, 2018

    Oh Bailey – I smiled to read how she managed to separate her kibbles. I have seen my friend’s dog did so. They are pretty smart dogs and, humans can not trick or mess around their food, he-eh..
    I hope she will adapt to her new food pattern and no more ear pain for Bailey! Best wishes for her health ❤


    • noofmitchell · March 4, 2018

      The saga continues. Bailey ate finally Thursday at lunch with little thought to separating the new kibble from the old. That was her last meal, she has not eaten since then. Thankfully, she is still drinking water and doing her business. Bailey is showing lots of energy and her ears are looking a lot better. It’s hard not to give in because like most dogs, they can make you feel guilty with their eyes.

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    • noofmitchell · March 4, 2018

      Last meal was on Thursday at lunch so we are hoping today will be a “eating day”. I think that she is missing the toppers like broccoli, pumpkin puree, apple and wild blueberries. But, we can’t add these favourites until she shows no more symptoms. Bailey is still very energetic which blows us away given that she is hiking daily. Keeping my fingers crossed that the kibble will attract her today.

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      • Indah Susanti · March 4, 2018

        Oh nooo..hope she will accept her new diet and eat them. I remember it took a while for Dante to adjust his new food – we had to change a brand due to his weight problem (he was too skinny as according to his vet!). But he is half labrador so in the end, he got hungry easily and just eat everything..Now I have to make sure he is not getting too chubby. Hoping the best for Bailey!!

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      • noofmitchell · March 5, 2018

        We have made some progress with her hunger strike. She is eating a bit of the kibble if I put a couple in her mouth followed by a few in my hand. At this point, she will sample the kibble out of her bowl. Like your Dante, I hope by next week that she will accept the kibble without the drama.


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