Hunger Strike Ends

March 8th, 2018

Another Rejected Meal

Should we be rejoicing now that Bailey has eaten two meals per day for the last two days?  After days of no eating followed by a few nibbles of the new kibble, I think our stubborn girl has finally relented for good.  It is not because she’s particularly fond of the kibble.  I find it frustrating to have her turn away from this new upscale food at $100 for a 22 pound bag.  According to the pet store owner, dogs can’t get enough of it.  Our girl was certainly able to say “Nope”.  The hunger pains after numerous skipped meals must have tipped the scale.  Our sweetness is eating it.

Holding Out For A Plate Lick

The two of us compromised to get to this point. I began placing two bits of kibble in her mouth.  Then, she was prevented from spitting it out.  Each of us determined to outlast the other.  Bailey folded when the kibble became soggy and released its flavour.  The swallowed bits gave me hope.  I advanced to the next step of my plan.  I grabbed eight kibble pieces and held them in my hand.  Bailey sniffed and then with one slobbery swipe, they were gone.  I took another handful of kibble and positioned my hand over top of her food dish.  She moved cautiously forward before removing the kibble chunks and coating my hand with more slobber.  Normally, I would never think of hand feeding my dog.  Who wants to do that for the rest of the dog’s life?  Desperation calls for trying something different.  I removed my hand from the food dish.  Bailey magically began eating.  I tried this technique one more time before she was willing to just eat the kibble from the dish without any help from me.  Eating times have changed.  Bailey prefers to eat after her midday hike and then again, when she returns from the dinner hour walk.  I am not thrilled with chowing down kibble after exercise.  Bailey doesn’t seem to be bothered by the new meal time.  Now, it is my time to compromise.

Desperate For Food

This new limited diet will continue for the next 5 weeks to address possible food allergies. Bailey’s paws are slightly improved after being taken off her old kibble last week.  The ear infection is another thing.  The bacteria are still present in both ears but the right one is much worse.  The vet scheduled a culture sample to be taken on Monday  morning to determine what antibiotic will kill them.  Monday will be our fourth vet visit in less than a month.  It seems like we are bleeding out money at a quick rate.  Culture samples are done as a last result here in our remote Labrador community because they must be flown out for processing.  Cold weather creates transportation difficulties and makes the service more expensive.  Yet, our love for Bailey means redirecting more money towards getting her healthy.  Hopefully, this health crisis will be fixed in the near future.  Until then, our sweetness will continue to soak up the extra massages that are needed to get the medication down her ear canals.


  1. Indah Susanti · March 12, 2018

    Glad to read the progress..and hope she gets better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. noofmitchell · March 12, 2018

    Ears appear clean and a culture was taken this morning so I am hoping that the prescribed antibiotic will clear up the infection. Bailey is chowing down without any fuss which is a relief


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