Surgery Day

March 13th, 2018

No One Gets The Bear

It was time.  No more delays on my part.  I grabbed the necessary equipment to fix the horrific wounds on not one but, two patients.  Bailey`s twin stuffies required immediate attention or they were not going to survive another vigorous shake from our sweetness.  I decided to tackle the task while Bailey was out for a business stroll.  One of the bear stuffies had just been laundered.  The other one had just spent the last hour being sucked on and licked by Bailey.  I decided to start with the dry one.  The stuffies have been her go to toy since they were picked up at a garage sale.  They were unused and unclaimed until Bailey got a hold of them.  Buying two identical bears allowed us to clean one while the other was kept under Bailey`s watchful eye.  Since that time, Bailey always has her Stuffie nearby.  It is her constant companion in the house.  The house rule is that Stuffie must remain inside where Bailey can always find it.  As soon as she is given the okay to go into the living room, Bailey retrieves her Stuffie from the toy basket that stores her other neglected toys.  For Bailey, it has always been about Stuffie.  If it is important to Bailey then the mangled bear is worth fixing.

And this is how I find myself trying to sew using a blanket stitch. A long time ago, I learned that sewing was not my talent.  I spent 3 years in 4-H Home Arts followed by  2 years of Home Economics.  My mother tried her best to cultivate my sewing skills with minimal success.  It must skip a generation because my sons excel in the area given their Home Economics marks.  I used to select thread to match Stuffie`s fur – not any more.  Prepped For SurgeryBoth stuffies sport Frankenstein-like stitches that cover their bodies.  They are testament to my lack of skill.  But, Bailey doesn`t seem to mind in the least bit.  Another repair session was underway when our girl returned home and a quick poke in her basket revealed no Stuffie.  She looked baffled until her eyes caught the treasured bear in my lap.  Bailey approached and tugged gently at one of the bear`s dangling paws.  The operation was in progress so releasing the patient for further abuse was out of the question.  Bailey would have to wait.  She did.  Our girl sat down in front of me with eyes glued on the bear.  Talk about being under pressure.  The repairs looked ugly but,  I hoped they would hold up to the tender mercy of our girl`s affections.  With a quick toss, Bailey leapt into action.  The bear was given a quick shake by Bailey`s mighty jaws before she settled down to run her tongue over its entire body.  My break was over as I had a second patient who needed immediate attention.


  1. The Naturarian · March 15, 2018

    Ha ha ha! I feel your pain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · March 16, 2018

      I’s not much of a surgeon because one of the bears underwent emergency surgery to repair a post-op tear. Bailey was a little too enthusiastic with her shaking.


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