Just Another Snowstorm

April 18th, 2018

Spring Where Are You

Yesterday, our area was hit with another snowstorm. It was crippling enough to shut down the schools for the day.  The boys rejoiced until they realized that snow shovelling was the main activity for them.  My plans were also derailed as snow removal became the central activity of the day.  Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humour.  She teases us with glimpses of grass exposed as the snow melts.  Then, in just a few hours, any signs of spring are erased by newly formed blankets of falling snow.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our long winters to enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and trail hiking.  Even shovelling the white stuff is fine if it comes 5 cm at a time.  A couple of big dumps depositing over 25 cm can make one long for the spring weather enjoyed by southerners.  From the look of things outside, we will be waiting for a while.  Bailey loves her snowy wonderland.  As we shovel and haul the snow away, Bailey gleefully charges up the snow bank to retrieve her ball that one of us has thrown.  Queen BAfter several of these climbs, she is quite content to lie down and watch us work.  Bailey may belong to the working dog breed family but, her four humans are the “working dogs” today.  The exhausted troops were rewarded with homemade sourdough bread and tomato soup.  Evening plans to attend a volunteer appreciation function were cancelled.  I wasn’t fit to stay awake.  Bailey quite willingly joined me for a nap to regain our strength for the next snowstorm to roll in.

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