Harnessing Enthusiasm

May 23rd, 2018

Getting Down To Business.jpgAt last, a beautiful spring day had arrived.  I had been hoping to spend part of the afternoon with Bailey practicing our carting technique.   The appearance of the harness elicited a tail wag from her.  She was excited.  That was good, I thought.  Slightly above zero, Bailey would not be too hot as we meandered around the yard.  I placed the harness on her and began to cinch up the belt under her chest.  The fourth notch was going to be difficult to reach.  It appeared that someone had either grown a bit more in her chest or her longer fur was taking up more space.  My husband, Adam, lengthened the belt on the other side.  Bailey and I completed a couple of circuits around the yard with positive results.  She had responded perfectly to my commands of Haw (right turn), Gee (left turn), Whoa and Stand.  We were off to a good start.  Next, Bailey was then strapped to the whiffle bar which was attached by rope to a 4 litre plastic jug filled with sidewalk salt.  We were ready to haul.  Twice, one of the side straps got caught under Bailey’s leg.  It did not take long for her to become more accustom to the straps touching her on the outside of her legs.  Adam placed her water bucket by the garage so Bailey could replenish herself after finishing a round of the yard.

As we returned to the back yard, Adam offered to take Bailey for a spin.  After all, he had trained with her at the South Eastern Ontario Regional Newfoundland Club’s beginner carting seminar.  Bailey found her strength renewed with the new trainer.  Behind the garden shed, the two of them disappeared only to reappear on the other side.  Adam directed Bailey to go in between the raised bed and the garden shed.  She did.  Unfortunately, the opening was not enough for the jug to make the turn.  Her left strap snagged the corner cement block.  As Bailey plodded forward, the cement block tumbled out of place.  I could see that our girl was far from hauling her maximum load.  The leisurely time that Adam had been enjoying with Bailey was over.  He cursed himself for not remembering to consider the straps’ clearance requirements.  Bailey just looked at the overturn cement block.  She seemed to be saying, “Did I do that?”   Oops.jpgPerhaps, a refresher carting course was needed.  I took over carting duties while Adam grabbed a shovel and began to repair the shed’s retaining wall.  Bailey was not the only one who had worked hard.  The three of us called it quits and headed in for refreshments.  Bailey had earned one of her special biscuits and a well-deserved rest.


  1. easyweimaraner · May 24, 2018

    we use whoa training too for Phenny and I hope it will work soon… it can be essential ;O)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · May 24, 2018

      It took a bit of getting the timing right on how quick I should be saying Whoa. Too fast and Bailey would come to an abrupt halt which is not good for carting . Trial and error but, I can draw it out enough to let Bailey know to stop in a gradual manner. I paired Whoa with stand and Stop with sit so she wouldn’t get confused. Don’t want her to topple the card by trying to sit while hooked up to it. Phenny is a smart one and should catch on quick.


      • easyweimaraner · May 24, 2018

        I will try it your way, that’s a good idea to make it easier for the pup and for me…. ;O))))

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