Paradise Found

October 2nd, 2018

Baie Comeau Paradise

We’re finally writing again about our adventures with a Newfoundland dog after a long hiatus.  Life happens in unexpected ways and the blog was shelved for quite some time.  I am only now downloading summer holiday photos onto the laptop album.  As I scrolled through them, I discovered a couple of snaps that were truly memorable.  The subject matter was Bailey and her special pal, Cas.  In July, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by visiting one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia.  Of course, Bailey tagged along for part of the trip with Cas and his owner.  The two dogs were kennelled together while my friend visited family in Toronto and we flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  However, it meant two long days of driving with three adults and two active dogs.  The first day of the trip involved driving from Labrador West to Baie Comeau, Quebec.  After an eight hour drive, we checked into our hotel rooms and got the dogs settled.  Everyone was fed and the dogs were ready to explore the area.  Bailey did not last long in the heat and we returned her to the hotel to stay with my husband.

Cas, my friend and I decided to continue walking. Our plan was to head towards the water in the hopes of finding a park nearby.  We went down one street then another one before stumbling upon a rustic green space that overlooked the water.  A path weaved through the tall grass and lead down to smooth rocks.  We clambered down the rocks onto the cool sand.  Cas splashed around while we ditched our shoes and waded into the refreshing water.  Sunset was starting and the reflections on the water’s surface were stunning.  No map or GPS had led us to this paradise.  It was secluded and rustic – perfect for dogs to run free after being cooped up in a van.  We left, vowing to bring Bailey along with us in the morning.

Getting Bailey there was a process. She was not so keen about the heat or a “sidewalk stroll”.  My stubborn Newf slowly waddled behind as if to let us know she was displeased with the choice of walk.  Cas was straining at the front because he knew exactly where our foursome was headed.  Eventually, we arrived and Bailey perked up.  They were let off-leash and the joyful antics began.  One would chase the other before the roles were reversed.  It was cooler than the evening before but, still quite warm for us northerners.  The socks and shoes were quickly removed for another foot dip.  Then, we sat down on the rocks to admire our playful fur buddies who provided much entertainment.  The time went by too fast.  It was with much reluctance that the four of us left this “paradise found”.

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