Too Much Holiday Cheer

December 26th, 2018

Too Much Xmas.jpg

Between holiday visitors and extra treats, our girl spent Boxing Day flaked out beside the tree.  She enjoyed a holiday day meal featuring salmon skin and sardines.  Bailey soaked up all of the continuous stream of attention.  It was a late night of fun for her.  I had a bit of difficulty arousing her for an early morning business trip.  She was quick and back in the house before I knew it.  Then, she returned to being a rug weight.  The two of us managed to meet up with her energetic pal, Cas, and his owner for a morning hike and a mid-afternoon one.  Cold temperatures did not discourage us from strolling through the snowy trails while admiring the sun shining in the clear blue sky.  Upon our return home, Bailey settled herself near the Christmas tree for another nap.  I suspect she is preparing for the next celebration, New Year’s Eve.

One comment

  1. easyweimaraner · December 27, 2018

    salmon skin and sardines? oooh that is the best christmouse dinner ever ;O)

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