Newf Dress-Up

February 26th, 2019

Sweetness PersonifiedIt’s true that my teenage son still enjoys the childhood pursuit of dress-up.  Today, our Newfoundland dog was the recipient of his efforts.  My son had been sent to retrieve Bailey from her garage kennel where she was finishing her dinner.  Upon entering the house, he decided that the towel used to wipe her big paws was better suited to being a shawl.  Drawn by his laughter, I peeked into the entry way to find Bailey sitting with the towel wrapped around her head and shoulders.  Her beggar in disguise attire was accompanied with a look that suggested “Treats for the Hungry”.  Begging For TreatsI joined in the laughter which soon attracted the attention of my husband.  The three of us shared a few thoughts as to who Bailey resembled resulting in more chuckles.  Some thoughts are not for public consumption.  Bailey, being a good sport, took all the attention in stride and sat waiting for her paw wipe.  Once the laughter had subsided, our beggar girl was ready for a treat.

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