Blood Sport

November 13th, 2019

For A Round

Occasionally, things can get out of hand when you play with a Newf. Bailey enjoys a good game of “Tug-O-War” with her humans. She puts everything into the game including her solid body. Digging her feet into the carpet while she leans her body back is one of her favourite techniques. The usual toy of choice is her soft “Stuffie” bear. However, sometimes Bailey will change things up by selecting her rope toy out of the basket. I have learned that the rope toy is a Newf’s source of torture. Bailey likes to shake her toys vigorously. A stuffed bear can do little damage to one’s body but, a whipped rope toy can take pain to another level. My husband soon found out that pulling on a rope with a Newf who is just as committed as he is to winning, might not be a good idea. The incident as I now refer to it started out innocently enough. Two opponents, who each had death grips on the rope toy, faced off with the intent to win. My husband had an arsenal of strategies that he draws upon. One was to lift the rope up enough that Bailey’s front feet became airborne. Another technique was to grab each end of the rope with Bailey pulling in the middle and lean back. To an observer, it looked like an arm row exercise. Most of the time, Bailey doesn’t let go. That night, she did. The outcome was that my husband’s closed fist and the rope rebounded into his nose. You OkayBlood began to dribble out of it, down his face and finally, onto the floor. Bailey, of course, was concerned and stuck her big muzzle in his face. This blood sport game was over.

One comment

  1. easyweimaraner · November 14, 2019

    we learnt the best technique the hard way too… and rope toys are like torture tools from medieval that’s for sure LOL


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