Newf Speed Bump

March 8th, 2016

Not too long ago, we could move throughout our home without having to glance down for possible obstacles.  A time referred to as “B.B.” which simply translates to “Before Bailey”. How time has changed.  Our mobile speed bump has made us more cautious of quickly moving without looking down.  Dancing and running are hazardous activities with a newf lying around.  She prefers to position herself in the busiest household pathways like the way into the kitchen or the door way between the living room and the entry area.  It really is a strategic move on her part.  After all, Bailey fills the entire space forcing us to step over her.  We notice her.  It’s like having a step aerobics bench in the room.  The only difference is that our bench moves.

Plate LickDifferent locations mean different things.  For instance, lying between the fridge and the garbage can – effectively blocking the flow of traffic between the dinner table and kitchen – is Bailey’s way of saying do not forget my plate lick.  Many sauce-covered plates have been re-routed from a trip to the sink and sent in Bailey’s direction.  Sometimes, our newf will choose to stretch out across the front of the fridge.  No one gets in or pulls anything out without the sniff search.  Just the other day, I tried to pull the door open.  It did not budge because of the 112 pound weight leaning up against it.  She refused to move so I resorted to pulling her to the side.  As I squatted down to get a container from the back of the fridge, I felt a hot breath on my hand.  There was Bailey still lying on the floor but her head was raised just enough to have a good sniff.  She was deciding if I was getting anything yummy enough out to be worth the effort of getting up.  Apparently, my husband’s spaghetti sauce was enough to warrant movement by her.  Go Through MeAnother of Bailey’s favourite places is to sprawl out, halfway in the entry area and the other half in the living room.  She can still keep an eye on what is going on in the kitchen.  It’s her way of saying that “I’m hot” but, if food appears, she can get there pronto.  One accepts stepping over her to get out of the house.  Moving a newf who does not want to move is too much work.  Not all of her speed bump locations are highly visible.  Many times, I have attempted to get up after lying out on the couch only to discover Bailey stretched out alongside it.  I have been surprised when my foot touches on something that grunts.

Newf IslandThere is no point in sending her to a less travelled spot.  Bailey wants to be in the thick of things.  Take baking for example.  Bailey is guaranteed to be lying right behind you as things are being made.  She secretly hopes that a rogue cookie might fall her way.  I know not to back-up without looking down after once stumbling with a tray of cookies.  Speed bumps are meant to get our attention and Bailey definitely does.



  1. jaspersdoggyworld · March 8, 2016

    Me and Nellie are also very good at positioning ourselves in the best places in the kitchen to supervise any activity that takes place there. Or lying underneath the table at dinner time, in the hope a tasty treat will fall from the sky. So far We have been disappointed but We live in hope.

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    • noofmitchell · March 9, 2016

      When Bailey had been with us for only a couple of weeks, a stray ginger snap fell off the counter as I was putting cookies on the rack to cool. Bailey’s tongue was out like a flash and the cookie was gone before I could bend over. She has never forgotten – hoping it will happen again if she lies there long enough. I like to think of it as prime doggy real estate. Glad to hear that Bailey is in good company with Jasper and Nellie.


  2. easyweimaraner · March 9, 2016

    the place between the fridge and the garbage can is the best… it is like living between Mc D and the colonel LOL

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    • noofmitchell · March 9, 2016

      Bailey would have to agree with Easy on that one. Very few organics get to the compost with her around.


  3. micaelabeth · March 10, 2016

    Bailey has a great system down! Tucker is the same way in the kitchen except he is trying to find a way to wedge himself between me and counter. Unfortunately I am pretty messy on my own so navigating around Tucker only makes it worse and he gets some good snacks out of it. He capitalizes on my lack of coordination.

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    • noofmitchell · March 11, 2016

      I bet that we have the cleanest floors if you ignore the tongue marks. Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother washing the kitchen floor when Bailey could just do it for me. Glad to hear that Bailey is not the only one to stake out the kitchen.

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