Goo Machine

May 10th, 2016

One BiteGoo is a regular part of our life now.  It originates from the mouth of Bailey – our Newfoundland puppy.  This thick goo goes by other labels such as goober, slobber, slime and drool.  No matter what one calls it, the goo is here to stay.  It starts as a dribble and trickles slowly out of Bailey’s mouth at first.  Within minutes, the goo increases in volume.  Flowing like a stream as the goo meanders down the white blaze on her ruff to her leg until it reaches the ground and pools there.  More experienced Newfoundland dog owners told us to keep drool wipes handy when they heard we were getting a pup.  “You can never have enough towels!”  How true…  Rags adorn our house, van and garage adding a unique decorating touch.  Funny, I never see these rags showcased in the rooms highlighted by magazines like House & Garden.  Then again, I have never seen a Newfoundland dog lying on the white covered sofas that the magazine’s decorating gurus like so much.

A frequent question that I often get asked is “She doesn’t seem to drool a lot?”  Honesty is the best policy when telling non-Newfoundland dog owners about the endearing qualities of the breed.  I explain that Bailey did not really manufacture much goo as a pup – hardly drooled at all.  Around the 5 month mark, things started to change.  The change was so gradual that I really don’t remember when Bailey’s drool became more noticeably.  We did learn quickly that certain triggers get the saliva flowing.  Triggers like food (or anything that Bailey perceives as food), hot weather and exercise.


Snacking on the couch means bringing a drool rag along as well.  Bailey has a way of sitting politely in the hopes of getting a taste.  Cookie WantThe look that she gives combined with the drool easily breaks down any resistance to not sharing the treat.  Today, I lasted one and a half cookies before giving a sample to Bailey.  Flowing Like RiverBut, we love her and resign ourselves to a life with drool.  Many times, I have left the house, completely unaware that Bailey had slimed the back of my pants.  I just thought she was being cute when I felt her nuzzle me from behind.  It is not until I have returned home that another family member brings the highly visible spot to my attention.  Walking Bailey around Tanya Lake in the heat often results in a gooey muzzle rubbing against my cheek as I try to drive home.  It’s our girl’s way of saying thanks.  Some Newfoundland dogs drool more than others.  Bailey’s drool production seems to be average and that’s okay with us.

Cookie Gone



  1. easyweimaraner · May 11, 2016

    I hear ya… Easy is a canine geyser too… he even spits while barking :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • noofmitchell · June 15, 2016

      I would have never guessed. Easy looks so perfect in photos. But then again, what’s a little spray!


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